A night of Conscious Eating

En helt spesiell middag, hvor vi serverte et utvalg raw-food retter, tilberedt og presentert med bevissthet fra jord til bord. Samtidig delte Chef Pablo Castellanos sine erfaringer fra kokkeverden og fra sin personlige reise. A journey of self-discovery saw Pablo leave behind a successful career at a top international restaurant, including Spain’s three Michelin star ‘El Bulli’, in search of new ways of eating and living. His voyage took him deep into the Amazon, to the banks of the sacred Ganges, and to master teachers such as Gabriel Cousens at the ‘Tree of Lice’ Centre in Arizona.

“I am absolutely passionate about creating exciting, tasty, nourishing food that is good for the mind, body and soul, as well as for the world we live in.  I want to expand people’s understanding of what constitutes ‘good food’, challenge their beliefs about what they do and don’t like, and inspire them to create new and exciting dishes that will delight as well as nourish.”                         Pablo Castellanos